In Figurative Language we employ words in such a way that they differ somewhat from their ordinary signification in commonplace speech and [...]


A sentence is an assemblage of words so arranged as to convey a determinate sense or meaning, in other words, to express a complete thought [...]


It is very easy to learn how to speak and write correctly, as for all purposes of ordinary conversation and communication, only about 2,000 [...]

Mental Phenomena

At the end of our journey it is time to return to the question from which we set out, namely: What is it that characterizes mind as opposed [...]

On Emotions

On the two subjects of the present lecture I have nothing original to say, and I am treating them only in order to complete the discussion o [...]


On the two subjects of the present lecture I have nothing original to say, and I am treating them only in order to complete the discussion o [...]


The definition of truth and falsehood, which is our topic to-day, lies strictly outside our general subject, namely the analysis of mind. Fr [...]


Belief, which is our subject to-day, is the central problem in the analysis of mind. Believing seems the most “mental” thing we [...]

Ideas and Thoughts

It is said to be one of the merits of the human mind that it is capable of framing abstract ideas, and of conducting nonsensational thought. [...]


The problem with which we shall be concerned in this lecture is the problem of determining what is the relation called “meaning.” [...]


Memory, which we are to consider to-day, introduces us to knowledge in one of its forms. The analysis of knowledge will occupy us until the [...]


The dualism of mind and matter, if we have been right so far, cannot be allowed as metaphysically valid. Nevertheless, we seem to find a cer [...]


The ultimate constituents* of the world do not have the characteristics of either mind or matter as ordinarily understood: they are not soli [...]


One of the main purposes of these lectures is to give grounds for the belief that the distinction between mind and matter is not so fundamen [...]

Casual Laws

The traditional conception of cause and effect is one which modern science shows to be fundamentally erroneous, and requiring to be replaced [...]

Be Healthy

Physicians are agreed that there is no entirely satisfactory definition for health. We all know quite well what we mean when we use the word [...]

Influences of History

In this lecture we shall be concerned with a very general characteristic which broadly, though not absolutely, distinguishes the behaviour o [...]

Habit Formation

In attempting to understand the elements out of which mental phenomena are compounded, it is of the greatest importance to remember that fro [...]


Desire is a subject upon which, if I am not mistaken, true views can only be arrived at by an almost complete reversal of the ordinary unref [...]


There are certain occurrences which we are in the habit of calling “mental.” Among these we may take as typical BELIEVING and DE [...]

Vocal Instruments

I. THE BELLOWS Fig. 1 FIG. 1.—Front view of the thorax showing the breastbone, to which on either side are attached the (shaded) rib carti [...]

The Vocal Instrument

A distinction is generally made in physics between sound and noise. Noise affects our tympanic membrane as an irregular succession of shocks [...]

Origin of Speech

The evolutionary theory is thus propounded by Romanes in his “Mental Evolution in Man,” pp. 377-399: “Starting from the hi [...]

Dealing with Forgetfulness

Here are some general approaches to dealing with forgetfulness. In general, be philosophic about your forgetfulness. If you are like an abse [...]


You know you’re forgetful: when people ask whether you’ve found the answer they wanted yet (but you don’t recall them aski [...]

About the Self

Some may sneer at the remedy and say it is a case of faith healing and assert that any other application, if put on with equal credulity, wo [...]


Whether the British race is improving or degenerating?  What, if it seem probably degenerating, are the causes of so great an evil?  How t [...]


An argument over who would be served first left a 27-year-old tech graduate from Bengal dead and his fashion designer friend, a resident of [...]


Some illnesses defy scientific explanation. One such has symptoms ranging from blindness to deafness to paralysis to seizures. The attacks a [...]

Know How

Have you often wondered just what it takes to channel the excess energy of children into something positive? If you are a parent who is exha [...]

Degree With Difference

Beyond the noisy throngs marvelling at the dinosaurs, the American Museum of Natural History takes on an entirely different character. The n [...]