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Charkha (Spinning Wheel)

Charkha is an instrument of service. T-2-253 The Charkha in the hands of a poor widow brings a paltry price to her, in the hands of Jawaharl [...]

A Tribute

Outline of the Eventful life of Mahatma Gandhi …   Year Month Date Event 1933 February 11 Founds the weekly paper Harijan, publis [...]

Civilisation and Progress

A Chinese author writes: ‘The terribly tragic aspect of the situation in China is that, while the Chinese nation is called upon to throw a [...]


Gandhi’s body was borne to the pyre on a weapons carrier. There were tanks and armoured cars in the funeral procession, and detachments of [...]

Hind Swaraj

WHAT IS SWARAJ? Reader: I have now learned what the Congress has done to make India one nation, how the Partition has caused an awakening an [...]

Tagore to Mahatma

Dear Mahatmaji, Power in all its forms is irrational; it is like the horse that drags the carriage blindfolded. The moral element in it is o [...]

Political Unrest

  Year Month Date Event 1912 March 16 Commends Gokhale’s attempts for abolition of indenture system. September 12 Phoenix Trust is se [...]

Lifeline of Mahatma

an outline representation of events from the life of Mahatma Gandhi 2 October, 1869 Birth at Porbunder in Gujarat (Sudamapuri, Kathiawad) 18 [...]