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> Activism- I Am An Activist- Peace Tax Seven- CREDO Action- Movement for the Abolition of War-&nbs [...]

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>Curriculum Structure of Polytechnic ….

> Curricular Structures of Diploma Courses v Architechture  v Automobile Engineeringv Chemical Engineering  v  [...]


> Merit List of JEXPO-2011 will be published on 15.06.2011 (After 12 noon) Polytechnic Education came under National Framework of Technical [...]

>Hard Drive Issues

> Unable to see full amount of hard drive.Issue Unable to see full amount of hard drive.Cause Before explaining causes why a hard disk drive [...]

>Windows find files feature.

> Issue How to use the Windows find files feature.Solution To run the windows find, click Start and then click Find or Search (varies depend [...]

>Computer Tips

> Top 10 new computer user tips Backup important data A computer or its hard disk drive can fail at any time and without warning. When it do [...]


>   Question Getting into Windows Safe Mode. Answer Backing up your computer is an important step every computer user should take do if [...]


> Phatik Chakravorti was ringleader among the boys of the village. A new mischief got into his head. There was a heavy log lying on the mud- [...]


> “Once upon a time there was a king.” When we were children there was no need to know who the king in the fairy story was. It d [...]


> She was the Princess Ajita. And the court poet of King Narayan had never seen her. On the day he recited a new poem to the king he would r [...]


> My kinsman and myself were returning to Calcutta from our Puja trip when we met the man in a train. From his dress and bearing we took him [...]

>Ideological Nonviolence ….

> For many adherents of nonviolence, the rationale for it being the preferred method of political activism rests on more than a pragmatic as [...]

>Nonviolence-an understanding

> ‘Nonviolence’ is an umbrella term for describing a range of methods for dealing with conflict which share the common principle [...]

>A Perfectness of Human Action ..

> Nonviolence aims to end injustice by making the perpetrator of injustice see reason and undo the wrong done by him. What is nonviolence? N [...]

>Nonviolence as Worship

> Gandhi, Martin Luther King, numerous activists and non-violent scholars like Gene Sharp (author of “The Politics of Non-Violent Action [...]

>Virus Problem!!!!

> If you’ve let your guard down–or even if you haven’t–it can be hard to tell if your PC is infected. Here’s w [...]

>Update Bios

> A. Create a Bootable Floppy (in DOS) •With a non-formatted disk, type the following: format a:/s •If using a formatted disk, type: sys [...]

>Movie Tags

> CAM -A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be [...]

>Keyboard Shortcuts…….

> Windows key + R = Run menu This is usually followed by:cmd = Command Promptiexplore + “web address” = Internet Explorercompmgm [...]

>Literacy Campaign

> Institute of Education Communication and Information Technology Aurovindo Nagar, Bankura – 722101(West Bengal) Email: chandansenji@gmail [...]


> There are two parts to a computer system, the hardware and the software. Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer. An exam [...]


> 1. Adjectives of one syllable Adjectives of one syllable add -er and -est.Adjectives ending on ‘e’ just add -r and -st.So [...]


> Read the following sentence: Singing is his hobby. Here singing is a verb ending in -ing. At the same time it is the s [...]

>वापरता येण्याजोगे प्रतिशब्द

> जालावर फिरता फिरता मला काही वापरता येण्याजोगे प्रत [...]

>टेक टिप्स

> समजा, तुमच्या कम्प्युटरवर एका वेळेला चार-पाच प्रोग् [...]

>एका क्लिकने कम्प्युटर बंद

> एका क्लिकने कम्प्युटर बंद आपण जेव्हा कम्प्युटर बंद [...]