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The Birth of Khadi

I do not remember to have seen a handloom or a spinning wheel when in 1908 I described it in “Hind Swaraj” as the panacea for th [...]

Gandhiji at School

We three brothers were learning at the same school. The eldest brother was in a much higher class, and the brother who was married at the sa [...]

Story of Non Cooperation

I must not devote any more chapters here to a description of the further progress of Khadi. It would be outside the scope of these chapters [...]

Mahatma Revisited

Sir Michael O’Dwyer held me responsible for all that had happened in the Punjab, and some irate young Punjabis held me responsible for [...]

The Conversation

From its very inception the Khadi movement, Swadeshi movement as it was then called, evoked much criticism from the mill-owners. The late Um [...]

A Farewell

The time has now come to bring these chapters to a close. My life from this point onward has been so public that there is hardly anything ab [...]

Mahatma Speaks

A Tragedy Amongst my few friends at the high school I had, at different times, two who might be called intimate. One of these friendships di [...]

Satyagraha stands for ……

“The word Satya (Truth), is derived from Sat, which means being. And nothing is or exists in reality except Truth.”M.K. Gandhi, [...]

Basic Principles of Nonviolence

Four basic principles: 1) Define your objectives. Injustice and violence are everywhere around us. A single campaign or action will not remo [...]

Satyagraha Campaigns

Rules: 1) Self-reliance: do not depend on those over whom you have no control for anything crucial to your campaign. 2) Keep the initiative: [...]

A Paradigm Shift

A working definition of paradigm is “an encompassing framework or theory that, although never proven in an absolute way, fits the curr [...]

Concept of Satyagraha

Basic Concepts of Satyagraha: Gandhian Nonviolence: from the APT Nonviolence Trainer’s Manual. I. “Sat” — which impl [...]

Satyagraha Means ……………

Satyagraha (Sanskrit, meaning “Truth-force”) was a term coined by Mahatma Gandhi to express his philosophy that non-violence is [...]


It was the passage of the Asiatic Registration Act in Transvaal in 1907 which convinced Gandhi that the method of protest, petition and pray [...]