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Simple Present Tense

Simple present tense(1)   We use the simple present tense to talk about: (1)   things that are true now,  e.g. My name is Susie.  I am [...]

Stories I Like …

MAY FLOWERS Being Boston girls, of course they got up a club for mental improvement, and, as they were all descendants of the Pilgrim Fathe [...]

English Grammar

Spatial Grammar in Signed and Spoken Languages: Modality Effects on Grammatical Structure Irit Meir University of Haifa The talk focuses on [...]


    DIAGNOSTIC SAMPLE TEST     This booklet is designed to help you prepare for the CAEL DIAGNOSTIC.   As you may n [...]

Fairy Tales

TOM TIT TOTOnce upon a time there was a woman, and she baked five pies. And whenthey came out of the oven, they were that overbaked the crus [...]

>Fairy Tales


Family of Words

All the words in the English language belong to one or another of ninefamilies, each of which family has a special duty. If you will alwaysr [...]


ADJECTIVES       Adjectives are describing words. They tell you more about nouns.                          [...]


> ADJECTIVES       Adjectives are describing words. They tell you more about nouns.   [...]