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Nonviolent Action and Contentious Politics

Rethinking Nonviolent Action and Contentious Politics: Political Cultures of Nonviolent Opposition in the Indian Independence Movement and B [...]

Ascribing a High Purpose of Life

Chandan Sukumar Sengupta Background We all may aware of the fact that Learning is a kind of socialization1 as well as skill acquisition proc [...]

Stories I Like …

MAY FLOWERS Being Boston girls, of course they got up a club for mental improvement, and, as they were all descendants of the Pilgrim Fathe [...]

English Grammar

Spatial Grammar in Signed and Spoken Languages: Modality Effects on Grammatical Structure Irit Meir University of Haifa The talk focuses on [...]

Tools for Consensus

Meeting Procedure: Before meeting: Choose a facilitator. Gather agenda items. Delegate responsibilty for each item. Divide into reports/deci [...]

Satyagraha Campaigns

Rules: 1) Self-reliance: do not depend on those over whom you have no control for anything crucial to your campaign. 2) Keep the initiative: [...]

A Paradigm Shift

A working definition of paradigm is “an encompassing framework or theory that, although never proven in an absolute way, fits the curr [...]

Steps of Consensus

Problem Stated (What are we talking about?) Question clarified (What needs to be decided?) Discussion (What are all the views?) Proposal mad [...]


Consensus from the Diablo Canyon Blockade/Encampment Handbook What is Consensus? Consensus is a process for group decision-making. It is a m [...]