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In Focus

Aspirations of Specially Enabled Persons Chandan Sukumar Sengupta[1] Abstract             It is true that we all aspire for a pro [...]

Simple Present Tense

Simple present tense(1)   We use the simple present tense to talk about: (1)   things that are true now,  e.g. My name is Susie.  I am [...]

Basic Web Design

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the basic principles of Web site design and authoring using HTML. You will then use FrontPage to cr [...]

Famous Fables ….

THE FROST-KING: OR, THE POWER OF LOVE. THREE little Fairies sat in the fields eating their breakfast; each among the leaves of her favorite [...]

The Old Cousins …

Chapter 1—Two Girls Rose sat all alone in the big best parlor, with her little handkerchief laid ready to catch the first tear, for she wa [...]


    DIAGNOSTIC SAMPLE TEST     This booklet is designed to help you prepare for the CAEL DIAGNOSTIC.   As you may n [...]


Institute of Gandhian Studies Main Courses/ Activities In pursuance of the objectives of the Institute, it organized a series of courses of [...]