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Aspirations of Specially Enabled Persons

Chandan Sukumar Sengupta[1]


            It is true that we all aspire for a progressive life having some meaningful interaction in society. It is also true that none of the individuals in society are experts by birth. Some of the acquired skills and competence make the individual competent for accepting challengers and for delivering certain duties and responsibilities with Stephen-Hawkingsubtle differences. Selected ones from the entire sphere becomes creative and serves the society for attaining more prosperity.

            If society is the sphere of our interaction, then social being with varying skills and competences are our true associates. None of them should be kept behind and none of them should be under estimated. Keeping our fellow brothers and sisters back will put the entire society at the back seat of prosperity. Clinical qualification is not the only paradigm through which skills and competence of any person appears acceptable, it is a combination of clinical, emotional, psychological, intellectual as well as sensory capabilities that can make a person absolutely competent for some of the spheres of activity. It can even pave a path of prosperity and harmonious living in the community which will enhance the chances of collective progress with considerable endurance.

For addressing the aspirations of specially enabled persons this research note is duly advanced in its précises form    for discussion and for recommending any needful to be done at various levels of the society and organisations.


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[1][1] Manager , IECIT Arabinda Nagar, Bankura West Bengal

Previously Research Associate and Technical Associate, MSSRF , Vidarbha Region

Formerly Faculty Member, Kendra Vidyalaya, Nirjuly, Arunachal Pradesh

System Admin and Technical Consultant, Swavalambi College of Education, Maharashtra

Associated with several Development Organisations of well repute.

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