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Institute of Education Communication and Information Technology

Aurovindo Nagar, Bankura – 722101(West Bengal)
How  to get Involved !


1.     Partner of Progresse sends request mail for study center to IECIT.
2.     IECIT provide doc information sheet to Partner of Progresse.
3.     Study center delivers Partner of Progresse Application form to IECIT with all Documents along with DD.
4.     As IECIT receive Documents, our verification agency completes verification process with in 3-5 Days.
5.     After completion of verification process IECIT will send application status mail.
6.     IECIT sends agreement copy and T & C documents to Partner of Progresse.
7.     IECIT sends Flex, Pamphlet, Forms and Course-Brochure
8.     IECIT sends Sample kit, Course Material, Student’s Bag, Pen etc.
9.     Application Procedure is same to become Regional Area Coordinator (RAC).

            IECIT Education Center not collects any extra charges for RAC.

IECIT would like to open Study Center all over India at Village, Town, Tehshil, District Level.
Offers for Partners of Profress
1. Free Computer Education Courses
2. Payable Computer Education Courses
(a)   Rural Area Computer Courses
(b)  Professional Certificate & Diploma Courses
(c)   Technical Certificate & Diploma Courses
(d)  Self define courses design  by Study Center
3. Vocational Courses
4. On Demand Examination Packages ( NIOS, CDAC)
5. University Courses
A. Procedure of Admission under Free Computer Courses:
Registration Charges
Rs. – 250/-
class="MsoNormal" style="mso-pagination: none; text-align: justify;">250/-

Examination Charges

Rs. – 125/- Monthly (50+75)*3)


Rs. – 625/-
 B. Detail of Material cost, which we provide to students 
Detail of Per Student operating cost
ID Card
—–          20/-
Student Bag
             125/-   —–
Course Books
—–       200/-
Course Support Material
—–      150/-
—–        50/-
—–       50/-
Coordinator should strike out facilities that is not required by the institute…………………………………
Grant/Income Detail through Free Education Courses
Number of Students
Below 50
3 month
As Per Ratio
3 month
3 month
3 month
Rs.- 1,00000/-
Grant Amount is only for calculation                                  
v     Grant Amount is increase on the basis of number of students take admission per day or per month. There are no upper limits for admission.
v     If study center want to earn Rs. 50,000 per month from Free Education then study center take 100 student’s admission per month.
v     Grant is calculating on the basis of number of students take admission per month & completing the concern course and grant amount is use for next three Months.
(a)   Rural Area Computer Courses
(b)  Professional Certificate & Diploma Courses
(c)   Technical Certificate & Diploma Courses
(d)  Self define courses design  by Study Center
If Study Center wants to run above mentioned payable Computer Courses (Rural, Technical, Professional, Self Define) then Study Center pay only 15% of course fee + Registration Charge and remaining 85% course fee is use by Study Center.
In case study center required course books for Above-mentioned Payable courses then study center pay in advance books charges.
*IECIT collects royalty (15% of total fee of Course + Registration fee) for Rural, Technical, Professional, Self Define Courses.
IECIT Education Center provides (ID card, Bag and Certificate) to every students for All courses.
We will provide student kit only for Free Computer Education Courses
3. Vocational Courses
          We provide only (ID card and Certificate) for vocational courses
4. University Courses
     For University courses all terms and condition apply according to related University.
5. After starting the Center    
1.     After signing the legal agreement and completion of documentation process. The entire Technical and Marketing support required for establishing the training centre will be provided by IECIT Education Center NGO which will include set of the following as per rules but cost  of local advertisement and marketing is borne by Partner of Progresse..
IECIT will provide below given advertising materials Free of Cost:
a. Flex               =ONE Size (6*4)
b. Brochure       =5, 00
c. Pamphlet       =5,000
d. Admission Form as per requirement
e. Student Cards & Course Material
f.. Student Bag
g. Sales Promotional Material Formats for Newspapers, Matter for Cable advertisements
h. Set of student exercises for most of the courses.
i. Job opportunities to Diploma holder in different parts of India with the help of Internet & corporate sector & Placement agency.
j. Global Advertising and Marketing on our website  

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